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Web Design

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Competitive Analysis

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Web Accessibility

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Responsive Web Design

Web Design

We perform a thorough research to make sure that your design is aesthetic and shows your data in an efficient way.

First, we perform a thorough Market Research of your industry to ensure that we have the right context and industry background for your new design. It's necessary for us to know and deeply understand your customers and users to build your new design on a solid foundation.

After that, we conduct user interviews to ensure that your new web design is based on your users' needs and behavior. In this phase we work on understanding the users goals, needs, pain points, the frequency and length of their visits to your website and many more.

Then, we follow a collaborative process to come up with multiple versions of your design and help you refine the design to a final stage using an iterative process.

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Software Development

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Salesforce Development

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Web App Development

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Mobile App Development

Software Development

We provide Salesforce, Mobile and Web application development services, both as an independent delivery team or as an extended team.

First, we do product discovery where we work with your business and product teams to understand and refine the business requirements. It's an important step to look at the business needs and pain points, before we get into the technical discussions.

After that, we follow Market Research to understand your competiors and properly position your website / web app functionality.

Then, we come up with the high-level architecture design, the technology stack and the detailed technical design, considering the websites / web apps and technologies your orgnization is using currently.

And finally, we get into the implementation, deployment and post production phases. During post production support we make sure that we hand over the product, and the necessary documentation and we set your team up for continued success.

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Software Testing

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Manual Testing

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Test Automation

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User Personas

Software Testing

Our test team can provide black box, gray box and white box testing services based on your needs.

First, we work on understanding the requirements and the currently implemented features of your web application.

After that, we come up with a detailed test strategy based on our extensive experience of web applications and the current product quality problems you are facing.

Then, we create the test matrix and the test plan(s) that will continue all test scenarioes and test steps.

Finally, we execture the tests, document the results and will work with the development team on fixing the bugs. Based on your needs we can also provide feedback about your product quality.

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Project & Engineering Management

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Technical Project Management

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Engineering Management

Project & Engineering Management

We provide Technical Project & Program Management and Engineering Management services to ensure ontime delivery within your organization.

First, we assess your project's needs and provide you with a seasoned Manager, who has experience with the industry, or the type of project / application or both.

After our Manager joins your project, our Project Director and expert team will keep supporting them from the background leaving no stone unturned to enable your project to reach successful completion.

During the process, while our Manager is helping your team, we analyze the underlying problems why the project(s) are falling behind and provide you with steps to avoid project delays in the future.

How we deliver results

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We work together with our customer's team to discover their needs and pain points. We don't stop at the surface, we dig deep!

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We perform a detailed research and propose a technical solution design that will address and solve your problems and satisfy your needs.

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After we agreed on the Technical Design we will work iteratively to deliver top notch technology solution.

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Post-production optimization

After successful production launch we support our customers in maintaing their application and continue to optimize the solution.

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